Saturday, January 9, 2010

Final Exam - Remarks and Comments

Here is a space where you can put your own input and comments about the final exam.


  1. Salam

    1-Can anybody specify the page numbers that included in the final exam?

    For example section 3.5 in the book is not covered all in the last lecture.. So until which page the exam will be?

    2- In 3.2 there are some java codes. Is it required?


  2. I want also to know the Pages Required for 3.5 ??
    and i want to know if 3.4 included for the final exam or not ??

    Thanks alot .

  3. Make sure to study all figures. There might be some in the exam.

  4. I think section 3.5 until the Time out interval, section 3.5.4 not included.
    but,what about section 3.4 and section 2.6.2 + "BitTorrent" in 2.6.1?!!

  5. Sections 3.4 and the BitTorrent are not included. The P2P introduction and problem solving are required.

  6. Questions on figures in the final!

    We will try to do our best

  7. Dr.

    Is there an acronyms in the final exam?

    Do we bring the paper or we memorize them all?

  8. Doctor
    can you tell us What kind of questions will be asked about the figures?For example is there any drawing.

  9. The last question in the exam are easier to solve and you would be more familiar with. Therefore it is recommended to start with the later questions before the first ones.

  10. Dear Dr.
    Can you please post an example to the steps for solving checksum's?

  11. checksum posted here

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  13. thank you doctor .. u r really helpful dr.
    we really appreciate all ur efforts to help us through this course.
    thank u.

  14. Dr what is required from section 3.5 and the round trip time RTT equations are included or not???

  15. Dr can you upload for us Test 2 , please?!

  16. Dr can you tell us what's the correct answer for the last multiple choice -UDP data size-in Test2?

  17. Exam II posted on

    try to refresh you browser to see it.

    Or access it from

    I hope it helps you in your revisions.

  18. The exam will help me alot in the revisions.

    Thank you Dr.Mohammed

  19. Dr. is calculating the traffic intensity for the cach included with us ??? because was not included in test 2 ...

  20. 10. How much data can you fit in a 556byte UDP segment:
    a) 556
    b) 548
    c) 512
    d) None of the above

    Dr. Is the correct answer in this question is "b=548" ?!

  21. Kindly can you answer for me these questions

    a web cache is a server and client at the same time (T/F)

    When you register your domain name with some registrar, you also need to provide the registrar with the names and IP addresses of your:
    a) Routers and firewalls
    b) Primary and secondary local DNS servers
    c) Primary and secondary authoritative DNS servers
    d) None of the above

    What about this question, is the correct answer "c= Primary and secondary authoritative DNS servers"